BBC Tiny Happy People

BBC Tiny Happy People aims to support parents and caregivers in developing their children’s communication skills. They have put together simple activities and play ideas, as well as information about the science behind children’s early development.


BBC Tiny Happy People provide fun activities and things to do with your child to help develop their communications skill. Almost any daily activity is a chance to talk, bond and have fun with your child.

Tips and Advice

BBC Tiny Happy People provide top tips and advice on language learning, child development and bonding with your little one.

Child development

Science and facts – find out about your child’s brain development and how they come to understand the world.

Birthday PArty!

We create a party around your chosen theme from space, farm animals, dinosaurs, fairy tales and many more.

We can stay for a maximum of 2 hours. It includes up to 8 activities, full set up, interactive storytelling singing, music & age appropriate games followed by full clear away.

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